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Transportation Research Board (Operations and Traffic Management)

History Highlights: From the Highway Research Board to the Transportation Research Board

The cover of the new Transportation Research Board’s (TRB’s) 1974 Annual Report celebrated its rebirth with the letters “HRB” fading into the growing bolder “TRB.” Yet, inside, the report—typically full of photos—was surprisingly plain and even perfunctory. William N. Carey, Jr., TRB’s executive director, explained why in the equally plain Annual Report for 1975. The high inflation and oil crises of the 1970s had eaten away at TRB’s purchasing power in the same way they were distressing the transportatio...

Featured Centennial Paper - Transportation Planning Applications: To TRBAppCon and Beyond!

Beginning with the first Planning Applications Conference in April 1987, transportation planners, engineers, and researchers from the public sector, private sector, and academia have gathered every two years to showcase practice-ready planning applications at every level of the transportation planning process. After the success of the first conference, the Conference Steering Committee was invited to become a TRB Task Force on Transportation Planning Applications on October 23, 1987. The Task Force Commi...

Featured Centennial Paper - A Century of Travel Surveys Informing Transportation Investments

Since the passage of the Federal-Aid Road Act in 1916, all levels of government have been using transportation surveys to determine both existing and future transportation needs. Travel surveys have been and continue to be the basis for transportation investment decisions. With the advent of Big Data, changing dynamics of travel and time use, transformational mobility alternatives (e.g., transportation network companies), more complex questions are being asked of travel survey data and TRB's Standing Tec...

See Winnie Okello's response and others that helped "Tell Us 'Our' Story" about her vision of TRB 100 years from now?

Winnie Okello, Senior Civil Engineer, told TRB that her "vision for TRB 100 years from now is that we will have transitioned to better more efficient and accessible modes of transportation. Modes that also take into consideration the complex utility needs of its users. The more technologically advanced society becomes the greater the desire for community and human connection; I hope we as transport-industry professionals re-imagine and build a transportation system that better accommodates for a truly co...

Submit papers on current topics to TRB 2021 Annual Meeting and TRR by August 1 deadline

The TRB 2021 Annual Meeting and TRB’s flagship journal, Transportation Research Record (TRR), invite research papers addressing Racial Inequity and the COVID-19 Pandemic. Paper submissions are due August 1, 2020. Racial Inequity Transportation can play a key role in addressing, as well as intensifying, the racial disparity that exists is in our society. We invite research that examines the transportation-related needs and issues of those who have been the victims of injustice and unequal treatment. Accep...

RFP: Measuring the Effectiveness of Public Involvement at Five State Departments of Transportation: Implementation of the NCHRP Research Report 905 Toolkit

TRB's National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) has issued a request for proposals to provide staff at Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, Texas, and Utah state DOTs with the training and support needed to implement the NCHRP Research Report 905: Measuring the Effectiveness of Public Involvement in Transportation Planning and Project Development . These state DOTs will use toolkit to: (1) Collect data from participants at public involvement events and from state DOT staff (2) Apply the survey s...

Lessons continue to be learned in TRB events on COVID-19

As in many industries, transportation is facing significant challenges as a result of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic. Through the ongoing and rapidly changing phases of the pandemic, TRB is giving researchers, practitioners, and experts opportunities to share their insights with a wider audience through our webinars, Zoom meetings, blog articles, social media, and other platforms we are using to meet the urgent demand. This has been a chance to refocus on health and safety At TRB’s Marine Bo...

Featured Centennial Paper - Highway Traffic Monitoring: Understanding Tomorrow’s Problems to Better Serve the Public

Even before the advent of Intelligent Transportation Systems, the Standing Technical Committee on Highway Traffic Monitoring was identifying best practices, gaps, and research needs related to traffic monitoring programs. Initially established as a Weigh-in-Motion Task Force in 1985, it transitioned to a standing committee in 1988. The mission of the Highway Traffic Monitoring Committee is to provide resources, support, and guidance to enable, enhance, and advance the state of the practice of highway tra...

Featured Centennial Paper - Urban Freight Transportation: Embracing the Future with Insights from the Past

The original name of the Standing Technical Committee on Urban Freight Transportation was the Urban Goods Movement Committee when it was formed in 1975. Freight transportation planning in urban areas was not common at that time except in a few large urban areas. In the 1980s  the committee experienced an increased participation by the private sector in committee activities.  Also in the 80s, new federal guidelines enhanced the role of Metropolitan Planning Organizations in urban transportation ...

2021 TRB Annual Meeting: Create or update your MyTRB profile

Create or update your MyTRB profile  now if you will be a credited author of a paper submitted for presentation or for inclusion in the Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board . Having up-to-date profile information in the MyTRB system will ensure that you’ll have a smooth paper-submission process. If you are the designated corresponding author for a paper, you also should encourage your coauthors to create or update their own MyTRB profiles. The paper submission...

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