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Transportation Research Board (Highways)

TR News: Integrating Stormwater Infrastructure into State Department of Transportation Processes

The Alabama Department of Transportation (DOT) incorporated post-construction stormwater management design into the overall roadway design process. The Texas DOT developed the approval process for products used in the construction of a roadway to promote vegetation. And the Virginia DOT improved the management of data associated with stormwater infrastructure best management practices to effectively focus maintenance efforts. In a feature article in TR News magazine, Number 328, July-August 2020, the aut...

TRB Webinar: Keep on Truckin’--Using Simulators for CDL Testing During COVID-19

Truck driver training schools and Commercial Drivers’ License (CDL) testing agencies face pressure to keep up with the perennial driver shortages. During the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, these pressures are exacerbated by social distancing rules that increase the time and manpower demands for CDL road tests. TRB is hosting a webinar on Friday, November 6, 2020 from 1:00 to 2:30 PM Eastern that will explore the advantages of conducting CDL tests using truck driving simulators programmed to meet the s...

6th International Symposium on Highway Geometric Design* - Abstracts due Oct. 1, 2020

Arcadis and Association Infra Design are hosting the 6th International Symposium on Highway Geometric Design (ISHGD) on June 23-28, 2021, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. TRB is pleased to cosponsor this event. The symposium consists of informative podium sessions on geometric design issues from throughout the world. It includes country reports featuring recent developments in road design, policy, and practices. Participate with an international network of highway and street design experts from research in...

Advancing AI in transportation

Real-World AI Scenarios in Transportation for Possible Deployment , released by the U.S. Department of Transportation

Removing barriers to transportation

Accessible Transportation Technologies Research Initiative (ATTRI) Performance Metrics and Evaluation, Final Evaluation Framework Report , released by the U.S. Department of Transportation

How effective are the Safe Routes to School programs?

Measuring Success for Safe Routes to School Programs , released by the Mineta Transportation Institute at San Jose State University

TRB Webinar: Introducing an Improved Design Procedure for Unbonded Concrete Overlays

Unbonded concrete overlays are increasingly popular solutions for pavement rehabilitation. TRB is hosting a webinar on Monday, October 5, 2020 from 2:00 to 3:30 PM Eastern that will introduce the history, basic components and procedures, and a new procedure for unbonded concrete overlays placed on existing concrete or composite pavements. Presenters will introduce a new mechanistic-empirical design procedure that can account for the performance of concrete overlays. This webinar material is based on com...

Measuring safety on rural state highways

Calibration of HSM Predictive Methods on State and Local Rural Highways , released by the Upper Great Plains Institute at North Dakota University

Research helps connected and automated vehicles steer closer to reality

Connected and automated vehicles (CAVs) are the wave of the future, but when will we be ready for them? As part of the process towards getting there, TRB will host a webinar on Tuesday, September 29, 2020 that will present findings from a national pooled fund study on planning level capacity impacts of CAVs. Presenters will evaluate CAVs’ impacts on freeways and arterials under varying market penetration rates. The results of this research appear in the most recent edition of the Highway Capacity Manual ...

Save the date for How We Move Matters - July 14-15, 2021

Technology-enabled transportation services – like ridehailing, delivery apps, automated vehicles, and e-scooters – have revolutionized the way we move. But changing how we get around also impacts our environment. How does ridehailing affect air pollution in our communities? What are the environmental impacts of having packages delivered to our front door? Mark your calendars to join us on July 14-15, 2021 for How We Move Matters: Exploring theConnections between New Transportation and Mobility Options an...

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