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Transportation Research Board (Environment)

Save the date for How We Move Matters - July 14-15, 2021

Technology-enabled transportation services – like ridehailing, delivery apps, automated vehicles, and e-scooters – have revolutionized the way we move. But changing how we get around also impacts our environment. How does ridehailing affect air pollution in our communities? What are the environmental impacts of having packages delivered to our front door? Mark your calendars to join us on July 14-15, 2021 for How We Move Matters: Exploring theConnections between New Transportation and Mobility Options an...

National Academy of Engineering virtual annual meeting set for October 4-7

On October 4-7, the National Academy of Engineering will host its 56th annual meeting, on Engineering for Pandemics: Preparedness, Response, and Recovery . Plenary speakers and technical forum panelists will offer their perspectives on past pandemics, their impacts, and the role of engineering in preparing for and addressing them. The event will be held entirely online. The public program will begin at noon EDT Sunday, Oct. 4, with remarks by NAE Chair Donald C. Winter, NAE President John L. Anderson, an...

TR News July-August 2020 issue table of contents now online

The July-August 2020 issue of TR News —with a focus on stormwater—is available in hard copy and digital copy for subscribers. For those who are not subscribers, the table of contents is available. Feature articles in the issue include "Integrating Stormwater Infrastructure into State Department of Transportation Processes," "Transportation Perspective on Virginia’s Nonpoint Source Nutrient Credit Program," "Five Pillars of Construction Stormwater Management," and much more. This is Issue 328.

TRB Webinar: Balancing the Scales--Equity Analysis in Transportation Planning

Historically, certain individuals and communities, including those from minority, low-income, and limited English proficiency populations, have not benefited equitably from transportation investments and programs. Understanding the impacts of transportation investments on these individuals and communities and taking steps to address inequities are critical functions of transportation agencies. TRB will cohost a webinar with COMTO on Thursday, October 22, 2020 from 2:00 to 3:30 pm Eastern that will help t...

Stormwater Infiltration in the Highway Environment: Guidance Manual

This report from earlier in 2020 is relevant to the latest issue of TR News ( #328 , on stormwater management). The infiltration approach to stormwater management involves the design, construction, and operation of engineered systems that infiltrate stormwater runoff into soils. These systems, referred to as “infiltration best management practices (BMPs),” are intended to reduce the volume of stormwater runoff and associated pollutants that discharge to stormwater systems and receiving waters via surface...

Critical Issues in Transportation 2019

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and equity issues will be included soon in   Critical Issues in Transportation 2019 . In this report, which is updated periodically by the TRB Executive Committee, a series of challenging questions are posed to explore issues and opportunities that may arise 10 to 20 years into the future. These questions, 63 in all, have been organized into 12 topic areas and provide a way to frame future areas of research, policy analysis, and debate. Critical issues identified...

“Tell Us ‘Our’ Story”: "How has TRB helped enrich your professional life?"

The TRB “Tell Us ‘Our’ Story" centennial activity is designed to allow as many of you (TRB’s volunteers and friends) as possible to participate in the TRB Centennial Celebration through the submission of your stories, which are our stories. The “Tell Us ‘Our” Story” centennial activity consists of a series of monthly questions that will help capture your stories. TRB welcomes all stories: small or large, profound or light-hearted, sobering or humorous. September's Question - How has TRB helped enrich you...

RFP: Quantitative Procedures for Designing and Operating Ferry Transit Services

TRB's Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP) has issued a request for proposalsto present key quantitative procedures for designing and operating scheduled and fixed-route ferry transit services and facilities that serve passengers-only and passengers and vehicles. Proposals are due October 13, 2020 at 5:00 PM Eastern.

2021 TRB Annual Meeting: Create or update your MyTRB profile

You've heard the news that TRBAM is going virtual for 2021. In order to attend the meeting, be sure to create or update your MyTRB profile  now. MyTRB allows TRB volunteers, contributors, and participants to maintain their own contact information. You can identify your areas of interest, upload your bio, become a friend of a standing committee, update your address, and order print publications. If you already are active in a TRB standing committee, the MyTRB portal provides various other servic...

TR News March-April 2020: A Century of Progress ... Foundation for the Future

Issue 326 of TRB's magazine dives into details from the TRB 99th Annual Meeting, which had a record crowd of nearly 14,000 attendees gathered January 12–16, 2020, in Washington, D.C. The March–April 2020 TR News features photo highlights from the Annual Meeting along with more coverage of the conference. TR News is TRB's bimonthly magazine featuring timely articles on innovative and state-of-the-art research and practice in all modes of transportation. It also includes brief news items of interest to the...

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