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Transportation Research Board (Data and Information Technology)

2020 TRB Annual Meeting: Plan Now to Exhibit

Act now to secure your exhibit space at the 2020 TRB Annual Meeting, January 12-16, 2020, in Washington, D.C. All indications are that attendance at the meeting will be the largest ever. Don't miss this opportunity to demonstrate your organization's support for transportation research and innovation, and to showcase your products and services to more than 13,000 transportation professionals. Some  149 organizations  have already secured space to be part of the 2020 exhibit, but prime locations ...

Leveraging Big Data to Improve Traffic Incident Management

"Big data" is not new, but applications in the field of transportation are more recent, having occurred within the past few years, and include applications in the areas of planning, parking, trucking, public transportation, operations, ITS, and other more niche areas. A significant gap exists between the current state of the practice in big data analytics (such as image recognition and graph analytics) and the state of DOT applications of data for traffic incident management ( TIM) (such as the manual u...

2020 TRB Annual Meeting: Register Today

Register and make hotel reservations today for the TRB 99th Annual Meeting, January 12-16, 2020, in Washington, D.C. Registration is required for all Annual Meeting attendees, including session speakers, poster presenters, and those who attend the exhibit hall, career fair, or any workshops. As part of TRB's Centennial Celebration, all full registrants at the 99th Annual Meeting will be eligible to pick up a complimentary copy of the book, Transportation Research Board 1920–2020: Everyone Interested Is ...

How technology affects travel time

The effects of technology on travel behavior are examined in What is the Value of Saving Travel Time? Summary and Conclusions , a report from the International Transport Forum. Technology now makes it possible to carry out a range of activities while traveling, so the conventional way of treating travel time as entirely wasted time is no longer valid. This report seeks to identify exactly how travelers use their time in order to ascertain how the value of reductions in travel time may be used in transpor...

Collecting data legally

Legal considerations for data researchers are identified in Emerging Legal Issues for Transportation Researchers Using Passively Collected Data Sets , a report from the Virginia Transportation Institute at Virginia Tech. This report seeks to provide guidance to transportation researchers on the legal and ethical requirements of data protection.

TRB Straight to Recording for All: E-Construction: Analyzing and Utilizing Nongraphical Construction Data for Smarter Project Delivery

TRB released a series of recordings in October 2019 that discuss the eConstruction initiative promoted by the U.S. Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). The goal of eConstruction is to move management of a construction project from a paper-based method to a broader use of electronic-based communication. A significant part of the initiative has been focused on the use of graphical digital data for construction such as 3D models as well as virtual design and construction. However, many state highway agenc...

7th Florida Automated Vehicles (FAV) Summit*

TRB is cosponsoring the 6th Florida Automated Vehicles (FAV) Summit on November 20-22, 2019 in Miami, Florida. The summit addresses technologies, operations, and policy issues surrounding autonomous vehicles, including public transportation issues. It explores activities undertaken by Florida and other state departments of transportation to create the climate for the implementation and deployment of autonomous and connected vehicle technologies.   Registration is open.

ITS World Congress 2020*

TRB is co-sponsoring the ITS World Congress from October 4-8, 2020 in Los Angeles, California. The event brings together brings together global leaders in intelligent and transformative transportation to showcase and evaluate the latest innovative concepts, active prototypes, and live systems. Delegates to the World Congress include legislators, ministers of transportation, transportation officials, international standards experts, engineers, planners, manufacturers, and other ITS stakeholders.

National crash database is available

The newly designed database for collecting automated national traffic crash data is described in Crash Investigation Sampling System: Design Overview, Analytic Guidance, and FAQs, a report from the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This report explains how the database uses estimation to determine data and provides examples of its survey data.

Featured Centennial Paper - Traffic Signal Systems Research: Past, Present, and Future Trends

Learn about the history of traffic signal systems, and of the shifting interests of the community of researchers interested in them in the Standing Technical Committee on Traffic Signal Systems' Centennial Paper. Over the years, the committee has served as one of the principal forums on signal control and has stimulated many currents in research that have had transformative impact on the industry. As part of TRB's Centennial Celebration, the Technical Activities Council invited all standing technical com...

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